Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

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The myths that only older men have problems with potency have long been debunked. Today urologists are increasingly faced with the need to identify the causes and find ways to restore potency in young patients in their daily medical practice. Modern technologies and methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence) with timely diagnosis can significantly improve the quality of man’s sex life.

What is it?

Erectile dysfunction is a recurring condition, which is characterized by impaired quality of an erection, the inability to maintain or achieve it to the extent necessary for full sexual intercourse.

The term “erectile dysfunction” was introduced in 1992, when the American National Institutes of Health suggested using it as a broader concept than “impotence.” According to WHO (World Health Organization), based on numerous authoritative worldwide studies, one in ten men aged 21-29 complains of erectile dysfunction, one in five at 30-35 years of age, and almost one in two at 40-70 years of age. This is the extent of the problem today, and experts predict that in the next 25 years, these figures may double.

It is recommended to visit a urologist’s consultation if the following symptoms are noted:

  • An erection that is not strong enough for intercourse;
  • Problems or inability to achieve satisfactory level and duration of erection;
  • Premature ejaculation.

The most important factors of sexual behavior are established in childhood, when a boy observes the system of actions of older men in the family and subsequently follows the path of either imitation or denial of the learned models. It is during this period that the origins of youthful insecurity and timidity, fears of “being underestimated” and “not making the expected impression” are often formed. Over time, they can take root and transform into psychological complexes or phobias, having a definite impact on the rest of a man’s life.


To effectively restore erectile function it is necessary to attend a consultation with a urologist and undergo a complete medical examination. Doctors, based on diagnostic data, will offer the best plan of treatment, taking into account all individual indications. Applying for professional help, the patient is guaranteed to get full information about the causes of disorders and substantiated answers to all questions about the prescribed procedures. You can also buy viagra online if you need to overcome the problem quickly.