Green tea and potency: does tea help to restore male health

Green tea and potency: does tea help to restore male health

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Scientists have conducted many studies concerning problems with male potency. Thanks to the information received, it became known that this occurs due to disorders in the functioning of the muscle located at the base of the penis. The small muscle blocks the outflow of blood, which fills the cavernous bodies of the penis. To improve the function of this part of the penis, you can consume green tea, which contains zinc. Zinc has an excellent effect on the function of the small muscle, and with regular tea consumption, there is additional testosterone production. This is how you can establish potency without the use of medical drugs. If you intend to try medication, we recommend you use

Relationship between green tea and potency

Green tea has a positive effect on potency if it is not brewed too strong. Also, you should not consume the drink in too large quantities. This can lead to insomnia, dizziness or physical weakness. In addition to increasing the erection, green tea is also able to affect the general well-being and has such effects:

  • relieves headaches;
  • helps you cope with stress;
  • it increases vigor;
  • relieves fatigue.

Can green tea harm your potency?

When taking more than 500 ml of green tea daily, the opposite effect may be observed – a decrease in potency. Also, you should not drink tea with the addition of mint leaves. Strong and cold drink has a negative effect on the body. You can drink tea only slightly cooled and freshly brewed. If the drink will be brewed too long, it will become too concentrated and will accumulate in itself different substances that can lead to gastrointestinal problems. If green tea is consumed too much, various disorders can occur because of the high caffeine content in the drink. If you have problems with potency after taking tea, you should stop drinking the drink for a few days. After that, the erection will be restored.

Recommendations on how to brew and drink green tea correctly

For green tea to have a positive effect, it must be brewed correctly. Tea leaves should be poured in water with mineral salts. The optimal water temperature is up to 90 °C. You can put up to two teaspoons of leaves in a teapot. Do not pour a full kettle, you can limit ¾ of the total volume. The maximum brewing time is 10 minutes. In China, tea drinking plays an important role, and if you follow Chinese advice, green tea should be drunk hot after the main meal. It allows you to get rid of thirst and feel the real flavor of the drink. You should not drink the drink before breakfast.

Alternative to Green Tea

As an alternative, other types of tea can be brewed. Among them, the most popular are:

  • mate;
  • herbal tea;
  • fruit drink.

Each of these drinks is very good at restoring potency and the functioning of the body. If you want to use specialized medicines, you should visit