DatingCat, in an effort to snooze her biological clock, is spending her early thirties searching the interwebs for the love of her life.  Unfortunately, (but fortunately, for your reading pleasure) it is not the gold-mine she originally expected it to be.   While she definitely has found gold, it has appeared to be the kind with chocolate on the inside.  (Not too bad, but she’d prefer real gold.)

But, maybe that’s just the Midwest online dating experience, as that’s where our heroine resides with her 7 imaginary cats?  Unlikely, as DatingCat often explores other areas of the U.S. while online dating, as nothing is holding her back from relocation.  (She would prefer a warmer climate.)  Females all over the world also express their frustrations with online dating, and often submit their own cringe-worthy online dating stories to her at [email protected], which she shares on her blog as well.

DatingCat has several podcasts for you to listen to, also.  You have to listen to her voice to realize that even though she “complains” about online dating, she certainly is painfully optimistic about the whole ordeal.

Outside of online dating, podcasting and blogging, DatingCat enjoys long walks on the treadmill, watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (she has a HUGE crush on Jason Segal..) and shooting, framing and hanging people.  (Need a new profile photo?  She’s your girl!)