Why Russian Single Women Are the Best for Dating and Marriage

Why Russian Single Women Are the Best for Dating and Marriage

datingcat 14.02.2017

According to official statistics, about 60% of marriages fall apart. Sociologists say that about 40% of couples divorce because they made a hasty decision to start a life together, the rest believe that the root cause was cheating, sexual dissatisfaction, lack of common interests and goals as well as bad habits.

In our modern society, male and female roles are largely confused. And if earlier a man was a breadwinner, and a woman was a keeper of a hearth, then today, the emphasis has been shifted, and women have started behaving like men, being overwhelmed with feminist ideas. Thus, men who are living in most Western countries have started looking for decent partners abroad. Many of them pay attention to Russian women for marriage since these girls prefer patriarchal family structure, allowing men to be leaders in their families.

Beautiful Russian women do their best to maintain strong, warm, friendly and romantic relationships for many years so that all life is like a honeymoon with them. Maybe it is one of the reasons why so many foreign guys spend their evenings at home, communicating with Russian women online. However, what else makes these girls so gorgeous in the eyes of foreigners that they are ready to fly halfway across the world to go on a date with them and even get married?

Crucial Characteristics of Russian Single Women

Does a single Russian girl belong to the category of women with whom good guys want to create committed relationships? What exactly makes men treat them with serious intentions, instead of just having a carefree flirt? Everybody knows that guys think differently, being in search of a one-night stand and when searching for a soulmate. They are attracted to cool single Russian women, although sometimes they do not understand what’s special about them. So, now we will try to find out the real reasons for this attractiveness and why men dream about marrying a Russian girl. “Cool girl” is a code name for a woman who combines certain features, and when they are collected in one girl, they trigger an attractive mechanism that affects a man’s emotions at a very deep level. What’s special about single Russian ladies?

Internal and external beauty

The concept of beauty is individual for each man, but everyone appreciates a woman who watches her appearance. Single Russian girls take care of themselves, they are careful in the details, dress stylishly and are always in the center of male attention. Manicure, hairstyle, perfect skin, posture, stylish wardrobe will make any woman attractive, and Russian girls don’t neglect such things. Nonetheless, they do not forget about the internal content. A rare man will fall in love with the image of a cute girl with a limited worldview. They like smart girls who can maintain a conversation, and with whom they can easily appear in the society of respectable people. If you are involved in Russian women dating, you will know that these girls develop themselves all the time, read, attend various seminars and courses, follow the latest news in the world and remain self-sufficient individuals. Well, most men consider these to be the main qualities of single Russian brides that attract them a lot.

Sexuality and self-sufficiency

The image of a single Russian woman will be not complete without such important qualities as sexuality and self-sufficiency. A woman can be smart and stylish, but if she is indifferent to the sexual sphere of life or pretends to be an ice queen, a worthy man will not be interested in continuing relationships with her. Sex is one of the most important components of life, and therefore, it is important for men that their partners maintain their interest in intimacy, show initiative, expression, imagination and emotions to the fullest. This is one of the reasons why sexual, unpredictable, passionate and hot Russian women can attract and hold men’s attention for a long time, so they develop themselves not only spiritually, but also sexually.

Housekeeping skills and sense of humor

In the eyes of men, the ideal woman should not only be beautiful and sexy, but she should also be able to take care of a house and create a cozy atmosphere, and it is what makes many guys start dating Russian women. A moment when partners start living together is very important in any relationship, it is when a woman shows all her talents in household issues, for example, it is about the ability to cook and provide comfort to a man in everyday situations. It is important for a woman to be patient and wise without overdoing with reproaches about dirty socks around the house and dirty dishes, and Russian girls meet this challenge. These women decide all domestic issues calmly and diplomatically, without scandals and tantrums.