Do wedding rings have to be the same?

Do wedding rings have to be the same?

datingcat 18.07.2021

Are matching engagement rings an homage to tradition or a timeless classic? Modern trends in the jewelry world cast aside all prejudices and give the wedding image a new sound. The standard picture is the bride wants a ring with a diamond and a beautiful pattern, and the groom, on the contrary, is inclined to the laconic classics. How, in such a case, to come to a compromise? Or maybe there is no point in wasting time looking for it? Let’s try to figure it out.

When you put gold rims on each other’s ring fingers, symbolizing the eternity of love, you are taking part in a ritual that has been linking the lives of men and women for thousands of years. However, time does not stand still and modern jewelry trends make adjustments – wedding rings are getting new shapes and designs. How can newlyweds find the best combination of vancouver engagement rings

Do matching wedding rings have to be the same or not?

Modern wedding fashion does not give a simple answer. Those who honor traditions put the question straight: only the same wedding rings, without carved details and patterns. But if the tastes of the newlyweds are different, why not discard prejudice? Especially when jewelers deliberately offer different variations of rings in contrast to give the bride/groom character and personality.

There are other benefits to this as well:

  • By choosing a ring to match their style and personality, the groom/bride learns to compromise, which is important in future family life;
  • In the process of choosing jewelry there is no pressure on the partner in an attempt to force him to choose a particular model;
  • Everyone can choose a ring which will best shade his eyes color and skin tone, will draw attention away from disadvantages (too thick or thin fingers, large joints) or, on the contrary, will emphasize advantages.

Arguments for identical engagement rings

  • All classic engagement rings have a similar design, so it’s easier and faster to choose them;
  • Sleek classics (without stones and patterns) do not go out of style. It fits a variety of clothing styles and is the most durable to wear;
  • If you are a suspicious person, then identical wedding bands will protect you from bad omens and reproaches from your relatives;
  • Identical wedding rings show others your complete unity with each other;
  • Different engagement rings look more like a normal ring than a symbol of marriage.