Personal profile on dating site

Personal profile on dating site

datingcat 26.09.2020

Those who have never registered on dating sites, and have not tried to look for the other half, for example on Louisville ky singles site. With different purposes and at different times we all tried to find a cute interlocutor or even a life partner/satellite on the mentioned resources. The results are, of course, very different – who started a whole virtual harem and who could not get a single reply. It’s not only about the quality of your own photo placed in the questionnaire, but also about what you write in the personal data column.

The main thing is not to write to everyone annoying phrases like “I am modest, smart, beautiful, sporty, funny…”. Your personal qualities the interlocutor or interlocutor will be able to learn in direct communication, and the presence of the above mentioned phrases indicates only one thing: the author’s lack of imagination. Can you imagine a person who described himself as “bent, stupid and without a sense of humor”? Everybody writes the opposite, and yet the above mentioned personalities meet us every day.

Nor should you expect anyone to pay attention to your favorite TV show or rock band. There are thousands of fans of different shows, but no one has met yet, just because both she and he likes the same show. It’s also not worth mentioning direct hints of sexual pleasures like “I like the Thai massage that you do”. Believe me, even the most liberated girls prefer more veiled ways of dating, even if they are looking for the same thing as you.

In general, it’s best not to use more than 200-250 words to complete your profile if you are looking for Boise singles for example. A smaller number testifies to your secrecy to others, and a larger number testifies to your talkativeness and bragging. It is best to imagine a real interlocutor with whom you have met in real life, and who you should describe yourself as briefly as possible, and at the same time, fully. Think about what you would like to point out in the first place, and what you shouldn’t mention at all. Hardly the second sentence when communicating with a girl will be “I’m rooting for Chicago Bulls/Red Socks”. So why shout about it in your profile?

Spend 200-250 words on your own description, and no more than 200 words on the characterization of the person you would like to get acquainted with. Write about your education, where you work, describe briefly your plans. It is best to mention your family situation as well, so that the person you are talking to does not get your hopes up. In addition, mention where you live, where and how you prefer to rest. You can also tell your visitors what languages you speak, what literature and genre of cinema you prefer.

Spring is the most romantic time of year?

We know a lot about biorhythms, ancient instincts left by our ancestors, but still there is no direct logical explanation for the phenomenon of spring love. But we should not forget that spring comes at different times in different climatic zones. And somewhere it does not come at all, at least in our understanding of the word.

So what is the connection between spring and love? Nothing but a nice and successful poetic and prosaic stereotype. Nothing, except an absolutely random historical comparison of the awakening, blossoming and emergence of a certain feeling. And it means that it is not necessary to look for the sprouts of excitement in yourself on March 1 when you see a pretty person of the opposite sex.

You can fall in love and love every day, every hour, summer and winter, spring and autumn, day and night, with and without. Human love has long gone beyond physiology, seasonality and stereotypes. And you can safely follow it along an unfamiliar but well-trodden path.