How Does It Work: Older Man Young Woman Dating

How Does It Work: Older Man Young Woman Dating

datingcat 10.02.2017

During the last five years, two big types of research appeared in Europe on the topic of the age of partners. On the one hand, it was proved that if a wife is five and more years younger than her husband, then such a couple has six times more chances for a strong, long-term relationship, than a couple with a different gap. On the other hand, scientists have identified a pattern: older men younger girls relationship increases the life expectancy of a man.

But both an adult husband and the one who is too young is harmful to a woman. One explanation of this may be that such couples break the social standards and experience pressure by society. As a result, they face a lot of stress, a decrease in quality of life, growth of mortality. If we look at serious statistics (in the research based on data of 2 million married couples), if it about older men younger women dating, then men live longer.

Often, we see relationships where a man is older than his beloved one, and this phenomenon is described in the best way possible: it is easier to surprise and conquer a young girl, it is easier be a hero for her. Well, if you also want to win the heart of a young beauty, some tips for dating in your 40s and approaching younger girls, in general, are to your consideration below.

Older Men Dating Younger Women: Why It’s the Most Popular Concept of a Relationship

So, there is no marginal age difference. But family life is not only lovely walks in the park and going to the cinema to the last row, and various older man younger woman relationship issues may appear. Meeting your perfect match on one of the senior dating sites is one thing, but really moving together and trying to build something serious is completely another thing. Here you should understand all the risks if the age difference is big. However, marriages between older men and younger women have always been a thing. Why is a man dating a younger girl is normal, and a woman and a guy with the same age difference are not?

  • Because the age when a man can conceive children is not strictly limited, some men are able to have children till death. This “bonus” allows a man not to grow up for some time, live for himself and not think about his family for many years, that is why many people become mature and responsible at a much older age than women.
  • Women generally are more mature and lose their health earlier.
  • The high standard for female appearance. Due to this, when it is about older men younger women dating where she is young and beautiful, and he is not, are considered the norm in society.
  • Family support. Traditionally, the family, especially on maternity leave, is provided by the father of the family, or at least he provides the majority of the budget. Until a man receives education, experience, builds a career, as a rule, many years pass, so he enters a stable life, being quite mature.
  • It has been traditionally so in many countries.
  • Older man younger woman relationship psychology dictates economic laws of controlling the market even in sexual relationships.

Wealthier people are men. They, as many consider subconsciously, can dictate terms, choose their mates, and not vice versa. Although there is no biological background, it is a purely cultural phenomenon. In Taiwan, for example, the opposite situation is quite common: a wealthy woman in her ripe old age and a handsome boy. There is no such cult of brutality and dominance for men there, but cute, small boys are popular among women in Asia. Therefore, the rich and independent prefer to “buy” such a trophy boy for fun.

But the rich man is a winner, conqueror, and defender. A cultural slot for opposing images is not provided. Therefore, couples of older women and young men, of course, exist, but they have no reason to show off their relationship.

Older Man Younger Woman Marriage

The reasons for older man younger woman relationship are usually not related to sex, but to a deep desire of these men to confirm their masculinity and inner viability. This does not mean that women of their age are less attractive, they simply are not able to convince a fragile, aging male ego that he is still full of strength. This can be done in the case of some people who have crossed the youth line, only a young fertile woman can personify new life opportunities and confirm that they, like twenty years ago, have much more to come.

So, if you are a man who prefers dating younger women, here are some older man younger woman relationship advice.

Tip number 1 – make up your mind

Yes, do it as soon as possible! After all, if fascinated by the novel, you have already left your wife with children alone, home and elderly parents. It will be more honest if you make the final decision and leave. Or if you are determined to build relationships with a younger girl, you need to understand why you want to do this. If your intentions are to use her for sex and throw away as soon as you have enough of this toy, do not ruin yours and her life.

Tip number 2 – do not pay attention to someone else’s opinion

While you think that your friends are envious of you, you show them your complexes and weaknesses. A new girlfriend with a birth certificate corresponding to the year your graduation from school or college shows your self-doubt and desire to go into the same water twice. So, they will talk about you behind your back, and you should be ready.

Tip number 3 – don’t blame yourself

From time to time, you will be tormented by guilt, and you will try to gain a sense of self-esteem by convincing yourself that this is love, and she has no age. But let’s shed light on why you really spend so much time on older man younger woman dating sites, your male ego has been deeply hurt either by a concrete woman or by the first signs of aging. And you try to prove cool. What is more, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for it, you both understand your preferences and know why you have chosen each other.